Welcome to the Metropolitan Academy of Dentistry
Dental Study Club
 The Metropolitan Academy of Dentistry (MAD) was founded in 1969 in Richmond, Virginia, and is one of the oldest dental study clubs in the region.  We are dedicated to dental, personal, and professional education and development, so that we can provide excellence to our patients, our dental practices and our members.  We are committed to helping each other grow and become better dentists and people, and our club's membership contains a balance of specialists and general dentists.  We provide continuing education on a wide variety of topics as well as consultation and review in a confidential, non-threatening and non-judgmental setting and welcome our members to discuss patients, treatment and issues involved in our lives and practices.  We meet in the evening on the second Thursday of each month from September through April at the Westwood Club in Richmond and generally have a spouses night in May.  Meetings start with a fellowship and social hour, followed by dinner, and then conclude with our program.  MAD recognizes that everyone is extremely busy now, but feel that our dental study club provides a value added experience that is well worth the investment.  We welcome you to come visit with us...